About Sustainable Cycles

Sustainable Cycles is an inclusive cooperative that strives to change the way people think and talk about menstruation. We aim to empower people to make healthy, sustainable choices and share supportive attitudes regarding reproductive health. 

SC is made up of a group of volunteers who are working to spread the word about sustainable menstruation options, while also challenging historical and present-day taboos surrounding menses.

Talking about our cycles openly, we encourage all people to explore their own feelings and beliefs around menstruation, and the social, cultural and historical influences that frame these beliefs. Through workshops, Red Tent events, education, guest speaking engagements and community support SC is helping to redefine age-old conceptions of menstruation and empowering a new group of menstrual activists to engage in positive menstrual experiences.

By observing how menstruation is portrayed in the media, and the different social and cultural norms around menstruation, SC is developing a more positive conversation about menstrual culture in the communities we reside. We believe that by supporting people to have healthy menstrual experiences, and positive perceptions of the menstrual cycle – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, a celebration of menstruation can occur.