Red Tent Home Parties

Red Tent Events are home parties Sustainable Cycles style, with a focus on re-usable menstrual options.

The basic concept of our home parties is to create a comfortable environment for you and your menstruating friends to learn about and purchase re-usable options in the comfort of your home. For every party, we come prepared to offer information about:

  • Sustainable menstruation products
  • An introduction to natural menstrual pain management
  • Empowering perspectives on menstruation
  • Health and environment benefits of reusable products

Products available for purchase at home parties include Sustainable Cycles menstrual pads, re-usable menstrual cups, pain management products, dry bags and more!

Home parties run about 1.5-2 hours, are free to book and as a host you receive FREE Sustainable Cycles Pads!

Workshops Available at Red Tent Events

As well as the basic home party we offer workshops that may be booked in conjunction with your event. There are three options to choose from:

Cycles Awareness Charting and Empowerment
This workshop will take a deeper look at culturally held views of menstruation, alternative and empowering perspectives as well as explore the world of cycle charting for fertility and body awareness. We will touch on the roles of partners, friends and family in creating a culture of empowerment.
1 extra hour • 25$

Menstruation Celebration
Honor your cycle! This workshop will explore creating rituals to honor our life cycles, with a focus on each participant creating a personal ritual in which to honor their menstrual cycle. An brief introduction to charting and the creation of a moon journal is included.
1.5 extra hours • 35$

Sew Your Own
For those DIY menstruators. All supplies are included. Learn how to sew your own menstrual pad! A valuable skill and design to serve you well in the future, hand sewn menstrual pads can make bleeding a more personally aware process.
1 extra hour • 20$ plus 2$ per person participating.

For more information and to book your party, contact us at: info [at]