Sustainable Cycles is pleased to offer the following workshops. Each runs for approximately one hour. Please contact us to book a Sustainable Cycles workshop for your next event.

DIY Pad Making –Participants will have the opportunity to sew their own reusable cloth menstrual pad. A valuable skill and design to serve you well in the future, hand sewn menstrual pads can make bleeding a more personally aware process.

The Story of Pads and Tampons –Explore the costs of disposable menstrual products and discuss the benefits of reusable. We will discuss some of the more sustainable options available on the market.

Cycle Charting –Explore the world of cycle charting for fertility and body awareness. By charting the changes that take place throughout your cycle, you can gain a better understanding of when you are are most fertile, and when you can expect to menstruate. 

Natural Pain Management –Many aspects of a person’s lifestyle can affect a person’s menstrual cycle. Share experiences and discuss some natural alternatives intended to relieve menstrual discomfort.

  • Please check back soon for pricing information and detailed workshop descriptions

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