Go Reusable

What are my options?

Reusable Pads:

Reusable menstrual pads eliminate the waste generatedfrom disposable pads and tampons. They can be worn for 2-8 hours depending on the pad selected and your individual flow. Reusable pads have wings that snap around your underwear to hold them secure in place. To reuse, simply rinse, then toss in the wash with the rest of your laundry. Most reusable pads can last several years before requiring replacement.
Available brands: Sustainable Cycles, Luna Pads, Glad Rags

Sustainable Cycles pad selection


diva cup

Menstrual Cups:

Menstrual cups are soft cups worn internally to collect blood. Can be worn for 4-12 hours at a time. To change cup, simply rinse it our or give it a quick wash and reinsert. Should be washed thoroughly or boiled at the end of your cycle. Depending on the brand selected, can last several years. Eliminates risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Available brands: Diva Cup, The Keeper, Moon Cup



Organic Disposables:
Made using organic cotton, organic disposables, while still generating more waste than the reusable options, can be a healthier choice for both the environment and your body when compared to the common drug store brands. Organic disposables come in many forms, such as menstrual pads, liners and tampons.
Available brands: Natracare, Organyc



Sea Sponges:

sea sponge

A small sponge creature from the sea, worn internally like a tampon. Completely biodegradable with no harsh chemicals, a sea sponge can be worn during intercourse. Since sponges are absorbent, the risk of toxic shock syndrome is still present. They can be purchased as a cosmetic sponge and cut to size, or as an already trimmed and disinfected menstrual sponge from online retailers. A reusable option, to be taken out every few hours, rinsed and reinserted, one sea sponge should last for 2-6 cycles.
Available brands: Jade and Pearl

Where do I find them?

In Kitchener-Waterloo, the Diva Cup and organic disposable pads and tampons can be purchased at most health food stores and some pharmacies. Sustainable Cycles pads can often be found at Full Circe Foods, The Working Centre and the University of Waterloo Womyn’s Centre. You can also order our products directly from us by emailing info [at] sustainablecycles.ca, or hosting a Red Tent home party.

You can also purchase some of these products online:


DIY: Make Your Own Products!

Using our DIY pad instructions, you can learn to sew your own menstrual pad using those old flannel pyjamas you’ve got lying around. Hand sewn menstrual pads can make bleeding a more personally aware process.

Once you get the hang of the design you can alter the length and shape to best suit you. You can add extra layers to the lining inside for heavier flow, or leave out a lining layer or two if you’re interested in an every day panty liner. Nothing’s better than a pad made specifically for your body’s needs!