Open Tent Event – Meet our Contributors (Spoken Word)

The contributor we’re meeting today is a multi-talented member of our community. She will be sharing both visual art and spoken word poetry at our Open Tent event.

Beth Murch
Beth Murch (B.A. Hons., MA, CD) is a full-spectrum doula and independent placenta service provider, who specializes in assisting survivors of sexual assault and birth trauma to have empowering birthing and breastfeeding experiences. A passionate activist, Beth has lectured extensively on issues involving reproductive justice and childbirth as an environmental issue. She is an author, spoken word artist, and an enthusiastic performer who draws upon themes of sexuality, nature, spirituality, Feminism through her literary craft. She’s sharing some original spoken word poetry, placenta prints and a painting at the Open Tent Celebration. Beth can be reached at beth.murch [at]

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