Open Tent Event – Meet our Contributors (Visual Art)

Today we introduce a few more visual artists whose work you can expect to see at Saturday’s Open Tent.

Jana Philipp
Jana is a self taught visual vomiter who enjoys expressing the relationships between womyn and plants, our bodies and the wild as well as the wild taking back the city. Her work is expressed in many mediums- from sculpture to felt to bead work to charcoal, paint, wood and mud.
Look forward to a ginormous painting entitled “great mother of my mouth- come to me”.

Cat Brennan
Catherine is a dreamer working on being a doer. She is inspired by the beauty and magic of the world around us and within us and by the kindness and capability we all hold. She is especially strengthened by the women in her life and those who have come before her. She uses the process and practice of art to step out of her anxiety and into her personal power, and is excited to share a few of her pieces in the Open Tent.

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