Open Tent Event – Meet our Contributors (Visual Art)

Hello on our first official day of workshops! This is going to be a fantastic week! Just to recap, the week’s schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, January 7 – 6:30-9pm – Consent & Cyclical Bodies (workshop – 53 William St. W)
  • Wednesday, January 8 – 6:30-9pm – DIY Reusable Pad Making & Fertility Charting (workshop – 53 William St. W)
  • Thursday, January 9 – 6:30-9pm – Medicine Making for a Whole Cycle (workshop – 53 William St. W)
  • Friday, January 10 – 6:30-9pm – Exploring Experiences of Menstruation (With Artistic Catharsis) (workshop – 53 William St. W)
  • Saturday, January 11  5:15-6:15pm – Yoga for Menstruation (PWYC class – Queen Street Yoga – 44 Queen St. S)
  • Saturday, January 11 – 6 -10pm – Open Tent (conclusion event – Queen Street Commons – 43 Queen St. S)

Today we are going to highlight a few of the visual artists that will have work displayed on Saturday night. (This event just keeps getting better!)

Zoe Miller
Zoe Miller is a locally recycled soul who stares wide-eyed and wondering at the Wild Mother, her activist, educational and other mind-expanding pursuits in keeping. As a queer pagan European settler, anti-colonial, feminist, and environmental justice resistance are her most current and repeating involvements in community struggle. She urges herself and others to see any political struggle as continually complicated and opaque, allowing our actions to meld together through intense respect for identity and lived experience. Zoe is a 5th year student at the University of Waterloo currently working on completing an undergraduate thesis. Her scholarly interests focus on historical and contemporary witch persecution and the subsequent ties to gender, race, and colonial/capitalist conquest as well as rebellions led by female-identified community and spiritual leaders in the face of imperial oppression. Art has always inspired her as a way to actively reconstruct bodies, experiences, locations and histories.

Ashley Annis
Our first out-of-towner! Ashley was so excited about our event that she has sent in an art piece all the way from Oklahoma to be featured at the Open Tent. We’re thrilled to get the chance to work with Ashley long-distance and start building a broader community.
A modern day Xochiquetzal (goddess of fertility, female sexual power, pregnancy, childbirth and household crafts), Ashley uses her knowledge and passion to educate and empower women at all stages of life. Along with natural birth control classes and selling handmade menstrual pads, Ashley also aspires to work as a birth doula, lead feminine healing retreats and young women’s circles, and become an expert on herbal healing. Check out her website and facebook at:

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