Reclaiming The Cycle – Yoga Workshop

Saturday, January 11 – 5:15-6:15pm – Yoga for Menstruation hosted by Carin of Queen Street Yoga

Visit friends of Sustainable Cycles at Queen Street Yoga (44 Queen St. S, across from the Queen Street Commons Cafe) for a PWYC yoga class by donation. Warm up with Carin before you come across the street to the Commons to celebrate with us at our Open Tent event!

Carin is an arts professional and Hatha yoga teacher who recently moved to Kitchener from Toronto. She has been studying yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2007 following her first certification under Michael Siddall and Cynthia Cooperstone. To date, Carin has accumulated over 400 hours of teacher training and continues to cultivate the craft of yoga through ongoing study. Her teaching draws on various Hatha yoga styles and is strongly influenced by her long-time study of Anusara yoga.

She encourages a playful and intense yoga practice and teaches with great authenticity, enthusiasm and care for her students. Her classes are theme-based, heart-centered and always an adventure. Her hope is that when you meet yourself in your practice, it will be a time of insight, creativity and celebration that will ultimately inform and enrich all aspects of your life off the mat.  Carin is continuously moved by yoga’s potential for teaching empowerment, dignity, grace and awareness.

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Reclaiming the Cycle – exploring experiences of menstruation & life cycles

Join Sustainable Cycles for a week of workshops from January 7-10, ending with an open tent event on January 11 to celebrate, discuss, and enjoy one another’s company after a great week together.


Week’s schedule of events:

– Tuesday, January 7 – 6:30-9pm – Consent & Cyclical Bodies (workshop)
Hosted by Jana of Sustainable Cycles

Workshop begins with a puppet show engaging with topics such as consent and the broad range of bodies we live in to open a dialogue. From the depths of the forests, a little creature calls to the moon for advice. This little friend’s quest for open and honest relationships based on respect might challenge us all!

A few words about the facilitator:
Jana is a witchy weirdo who spends her time with plants and forest children. She is passionate about creating new ways to relate to the world within and around us- one based on consent, not coercion.

– Wednesday, January 8 – 6:30-9pm – DIY Reusable Pad Making & Fertility Charting (workshop)
Hosted by Sarah and Michelle of Sustainable Cycles

Participants will have the opportunity to sew their own reusable cloth menstrual pad. A valuable skill and design to serve you well in the future, hand sewn menstrual pads can make bleeding a more personally aware process. All materials will be provided.
Explore the costs of disposable menstrual products and discuss the benefits of reusable. We will discuss some of the more sustainable options available on the market.

Explore the world of cycle charting for fertility and body awareness. By charting the changes that take place throughout your cycle, you can gain a better understanding of when you are are most fertile, and when you can expect to menstruate.

– Thursday, January 9- 6:30-9pm – Medicine Making for a Whole Cycle (workshop)
Hosted by Esther of Sustainable Cycles

This workshop will discuss the use of herbs and whole foods to support the menstrual cycle. Plant allies like Red Raspberry, Stinging Nettle, Arnica, St. John’s Wort and Cayenne peppers will be explored. We will prepare nourishing herbal infusions and discuss how food affects the cycle. There will be the option of making a soothing salve to ease cramps, and a tincture to ease anxiety, stress, and hormonal imbalance.

*Please note that it is recommended that you always check with your health care professionals before taking any herbal supplements or remedies, to prevent medication interactions. Sustainable Cycles is not to be held responsible for any reactions, interactions, or health issues resulting from the suggestions given. Information provided in this workshop is meant for educational purposes only.

– Friday, January 10 – 6:30-9pm – Exploring Experiences of Menstruation (With Artistic Catharsis) (workshop)
Hosted by Lauren of Sustainable Cycles

Our own unique stories of and relationships to menstruation are formed through our unique experiences of cycles and how the world around us interacts with menstruation.

Lauren will lead the Co-creation of a safe space with workshop participants to open to exploring our whole human experiences of menstruation and life cycles on a personal level, and with relation to the world around us.

We will explore tools such as meditation, writing, dance, drawing, poetry, vocalization, and instrumentation to delve deeper into our feelings and experiences.

An opportunity for reflection, and sharing aim to create a space that is inspiring and empowering. Bringing awareness to our experiences in a supportive space, so that we may act in co-creation with culture shifting ideas of menstruation.

– Saturday, January 11 – 5:15-6:15pm – Yoga for Menstruation
Visit friends of Sustainable Cycles at Queen Street Yoga (44 Queen St. S, across from the Queen Street Commons Cafe) for a PWYC yoga class by donation. Warm up with some yoga before you come across the street to the Commons to celebrate with us!

– Saturday, January 11 – 6-10pm – Open Tent (conclusion event)
After a week of workshops, discussion and great company, come join us at the Queen Street Commons in downtown Kitchener to finish up the week in style! We’ll have snacks, zines, music, poetry, art and info tables.
*Further details to come

*All workshops will take place at 53 William St W, Waterloo. A cozy home atmosphere 2 blocks behind the LCBO in Uptown Waterloo, accessible by bus route #7.
**Conclusion event on January 11 takes place at the Queen Street Commons Cafe, 43 Queen St S in downtown Kitchener, one block from the bus terminal.

Note that everyone is welcome. Our events are not exclusive to menstruating individuals. Children are welcome at all events.
Admission to all events is free, however donations are welcome to help support Sustainable Cycles.

To RSVP, visit our event page on

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Callout for submissions

Sustainable Cycles is happy to announce that we will be hosting a week of workshops in January 2014. Check back here in the next few weeks for workshop specifics as our plans unfold.

On the evening of Saturday, January 11 we will be hosting an open tent event in Kitchener to conclude our week of workshops. For this special conclusion event, we are reaching out to our community to share your talents and help make this event spectacular. We are looking for musicians, poets, visual artists, zine makers, artisans and any other creative individuals enthusiastic to contribute.

If you’ve got a creative side that you’d love to share with us, send us an email at with a description of what you can contribute. We will be accepting submissions until December 11.


Callout for Submissions


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Hillside 2013 this weekend!

Sustainable Cycles will be in the Neighbourhood tent at Hillside this weekend! Find us to get info on healthy menstruation, sustainable options, our workshops and home parties, and to enter a draw to win a Diva Cup or Sustainable Cycles reusable pads!

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New Website

Sustainable Cycles has a new website! Please bear with us as we fill in all the content.

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