Why Reusable?

There are many reasons we promote reusable alternatives over traditional feminine hygiene products. Disposable pads and tampons not only contribute to environmental problems but the health risks and cost of these products place women at a distance from the experience of menstruation.

Many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental impacts of decisions made in the name of convenience. Your menstrual experience is one area of your life where you need not sacrifice your high ethical and environmental standards – or convenience. Sustainable Cycles is committed to supporting you on your journey to a healthier and more sustainable menstrual cycle with all the convenience and comfort too.

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Not-so-Fun Facts

  • Rayon is a product made from the cellulose of wood chips. Often these wood chips are harvested from old growth forest and/or clear cuts.
  • In the ’80s over 890 women were diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome and over 35 died in the US. The cause was the Rely Tampon, a high absorbency tampon produced by Proctor & Gamble. Proctor & Gamble now owns Always and Tampax.
  • Dioxins have also been linked to endometriosis, low sperm counts in men, immune system suppression, pelvic inflammatory disease, reduced fertility, and changes in hormone levels.
  • Although most people think pads and tampons have been sterilized, they have not. In fact, no feminine hygiene product has been sterilized.
  • FDA does not require that the ingredients in tampons and pads be listed anywhere in or on the package. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from New York points out that there has been far more testing on the possible health effects of chlorine-bleached coffee filters than on chlorine-bleached tampons and related products.


Some of the many resources we suggest checking out for more info:

  • http://www.naturalmenstrualproducts.com
  • http://www.vaginapagina.com
  • http://www.truthdig.com

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