The Economics of Reusable (saving you cash!)

We make our pads with the hope that if cared for properly they should last for up to 5 years. An investment of 6-9 reusable day and night pads for your full cycle could be as low as 90-135$ . A diva cup or moon cup should last up to 10 years and costs 25-55$.

Now imagine you’re spending between 7-10$ per package of tampons or pads and buying an average of 2 boxes every 3 months. A total of 8 boxes per year comes to between 56-80$ per year, not including the HST. Buying one box at 10$ or more every month would be 120$ a year spent on pads and tampons. Five years of disposables and you’ve spent between 280-600$.

Choosing a healthy reusable option could have you saving hundreds of dollars a year. Supporting small, sustainable and ethical businesses could actually save you money!